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Programmer in Training (Elementary and Middle School)

Students in the Programmer-in-Training path learn the fundamentals of computer science and programming, with opportunities to apply those skills to real-world projects. Students will be guided through our self-paced coding curriculum, which starts with puzzles and projects using block-based coding languages (e.g., Blockly and Scratch), and later advances to command line coding exercises (e.g., Python). Half of each class period is dedicated to design thinking sessions and activities in addition to semester long group projects that aim to spread social awareness around a topic the class chooses together. This learning path nurtures the individual development of a student’s computer science and programming skills as well as creativity and teamwork.

Game Maker Studio (Middle and High School)

Discover the fundamentals of game making in the Game Maker Studio and learn what it means to be a studio member by completing a series of introductory game making and modding projects for 2D, 3D and Virtual Reality (VR) in partnership with seasoned instructors and game industry pros. At the same time, students get hands-on instruction in game development and coding (in the C# language) using Unity, an industry-standard game making tool. As they level up, students will have the opportunity to take on team-based design challenges, create original games, and learn more advanced development techniques. No prior game making or coding experience is required.

Special Learners and Camps (All ages and Abilities)

Special Learners
Students with special needs are encouraged to register for any of our programs! Our “special learner” program (available at designated partner locations) is designed to provide additional supports for those who need it. All students engage with our coding curriculum, which offers an opportunity for self-paced instruction in computer programming, a valuable life skills for future employment! Students also participate in collaborative projects, which allow for social skill development and practical experience working on a development team following industry best practices. Partner sites supply instructional staff trained in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), who work collaboratively with Yukōdit Guides to ensure that every student participates successfully in our program.

Scholarships and tuition assistance now available through the generous support of Autism Speaks.
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During summer months and school breaks, Yukōdit invites kids to participate in our mini-camps programs. Students spend their day coding, creating projects and designing with fellow students. Students work on coding projects, design thinking activities, reviewing commercial games/applications and enjoying some leisure time together while participating in fun ice breakers and group games.

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