Yukōdit Free Class – Programmer in Training

    (Elementary and Middle School) - FREE CLASS
    Students in the Yukodit Online program follow the Programmer-in-Training path and learn the fundamentals of computer science and programming, with opportunities to apply those skills to real-world projects. Students will be guided through our self-paced coding curriculum, which starts with puzzles and projects using block-based coding languages (e.g., Blockly and Scratch), and later advances to command line coding exercises (e.g., Python). This learning path nurtures the individual development of a student’s computer science and programming skills as well as creativity.

    The Yukodit Online program consists of a 30 minute one-on-one (student + guide) session per week. Sessions are held on Google Meet, and have an accompanying Google Classroom to track student progress. We recommend all students have a laptop or desktop as opposed to tablets.

    In addition to a private 30 minute session, we offer one group session per week called ModSquad. In this one hour session, Yukodit students are introduced to a Scratch project and guided on how to modify the project to make it their own.

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