Yukōdit Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Yukōdit (i.e., what differentiates you from other extracurricular activities)?

A: We are proud to offer a program that develops your child’s coding, design-thinking, and entrepreneurial skills.  Our approach is rooted in practical application, as opposed to learning theoretical concepts.

Specifically, our students work in application development teams to build novel applications (i.e. games).  These apps are designed to solve a problem- teach a user a new skills, or build awareness about a current social issue.  The teams design a solution, code the solution, troubleshoot the solution, and ultimately present the solution. Your child, along with their team and Guides, own every aspect of this process.  

The students also work independently to hone their skills.   This ensures that our students remain challenged and benefit from a personalized curriculum, as well as the more collaborative work previously referenced.  

Q: What is your maximum class size?

A: We limit our classes to 8 students.  Importantly, we strive to maintain a 3:1 student-teacher ratio to ensure your child receives the personal attention they deserve.  

Q: How is a class session structured?

A: Each session is 90-minutes in length.  The first 45-minutes is spent working individually through their personalized curriculum.  While they work independently, our Guides are checking in to ensure that they are on-track and extracting value from these lessons.  Their progression through this work is tracked and rewarded as they move through specific program milestones (i.e., Summit system), as well as a 5-10-minute intra-session reward of playing Minecraft and other computer games!

After a brief break, the students collaborate to discuss progression of their novel application.  This discussion may be centered around tactical issues, debugging, mapping workflow, tracking progression, etc.  We really love this work because the people and project management skills derived from this process transcend coding in the languages available today- the kids are learning life skills that promote their professional success.  In addition to working on group projects, there will also be times that students participate in design thinking exercises and activities that emphasize creativity and cooperation.


Q: My child has special needs, which may require a lot of personal attention.  How do you ensure students receive the guidance they need?

A: We have significant experience working with children with special needs.  We are an inclusive program model and strive to offer a personalized experience with our small class sizes and high staffing levels. Specific program features that facilitate our students’ success:  


  • The coding component of our program is individualized and self-paced, with a built-in motivation system (i.e., bracelet system).  
  • The design-thinking component of Yukōdit allows kids to practice collaboration during design challenges and work as a team in a small, structured and highly supportive environment to build technology.  
  • We integrate strategies to provide visual support and structure to help students understand that transitions are coming.  Our kids can also work for a reward time (5-10 minutes at the middle of each class – usually Minecraft!) for completing their individual work during the first half of class.


We encourage your child to participate in a free 90-minute trial with us.  Parents are also welcome to stay (we provide seating in the hallway, which are a few steps from our classrooms) should you wish to do so.  Through this trial, we believe you will have a good sense of whether we are a fit for your family.

Q: What type of machines do you use in the classes?  

A: We use Lenovo laptops in our Center.  These machines are resilient, and offer the functionality that the students require when building novel applications in our program. 

Q: Tell me about your teachers.  

A: Sure, we refer to our team as Guides.  We strive to ensure a 3: 1 student-guide ratio in our program.  As you may expect our Guides are experts in the languages and applications that we use at Yukōdit, which include code.org and MIT’s Scratch.   

That said, their technical capabilities are really the baseline.  Our Guides must also demonstrate the ability to facilitate discussion amongst students, collaborate with students to build presentations, lead our students through design-thinking protocols, and teach Agile and Scrum methodology.

Importantly, all Guides are trained and receive continuing education to work with students that are on the spectrum.

Q:  How do I register for your program?  

A:  We accept registrations for our introductory six-week (90-minute/ session) sessions via our website.   Students may join us one or two times per week.  

Following this initial membership, most of our students continue working with us by enrolling in a monthly auto-renewal membership.  

Q: What happens after the initial six-week membership?

A:  We’re glad you asked!  Following our initial six-weeks together, most of our students go on to work with us through a monthly auto-renewal membership.  The monthly tuition is $169.

Ideally, we love to see our students complete a project cycle with us.  We find the students (and their families) enjoy seeing their novel applications come to fruition.  Our student development teams present their work and give attendees the opportunity to actually play their games.   It is personally rewarding to them and very encouraging to see their family members engage with their work.

Q: What happens if my child has to miss a class?

A:  In order to ensure proper staffing levels at the center, we request at least 24 hours notice when students will be missing a class. You are encouraged to schedule a make-up class at your convenience. Make-up classes must be scheduled within 2 months of the missed class and students must have an active membership.

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