Tech2Teach – Fall 2017

Dear Friends,

We are excited to announce our new project cycle for Fall 2017 called Tech2Teach! Powered by MIT’s Scratch platform (a block-based coding language designed specific for kids and those learning to program), our students will work together in a development team environment building educational technologies using principles of game design and learning theory. Their mission: to create a novel application that teaches someone a new skill.

With support from our seasoned “Guides”, students will be led through a semester-long development process. First, in the design-thinking phase, students will tap into their creative side and be taught to use empathy and ideation to establish a product concept. Next, students will participate in a development phase, where elements of Agile software development such as daily scrums, Kanban boards and retrospectives will be used to build a rapid prototype. Finally student groups will prepare a “pitch” presentation, describing their product and the process of creating it, which will be shared with parents and peers at the conclusion. Throughout this project cycle, students will continue spending half of each class period (45 minutes) in our Basecamp classroom focused on our individualized coding curriculum, using the Yukōdit Summit System to develop their coding skills in a self-paced format, track progress and provide motivation.

The Tech2Teach project cycle will begin immediately after Labor Day and run through December. To secure your preferred weekly session day/time, please REGISTER EARLY!

To receive updates on the Tech2Teach initiative, please follow us on Facebook. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (415) YUKODIT or email kim@yukodit.com


Command your future!
Jamie Pagliaro & Mike Halbert

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