About Yukodit – by Jackson (age 7)

Yukodit does coding and we have a Minecraft multiplayer server. I really like the drawing activities we do on Code.org.

And Yukodit is a path not a class. That means not everyone is doing the same thing. Everyone is doing something different depending on their level.

We do the steps of design thinking. Design thinking helps you make things. The first stage in design thinking is called empathize. It means to share the same feelings that other people have. I will write more about the stages in another blog post.

There are two rooms at Yukodit: Summit and Basecamp. We do Basecamp first and then Summit. Basecamp is where we have computers. We learn about coding.

Jackson computer

Summit is where we do offline activities. We learn about design thinking.

Jackson catapult

Everyone can learn at Yukodit!

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