No more screen time!

As a parent, I think a lot about my kids’ relationship with technology. On one hand, I realize that understanding the technologies at their fingertips presents an incredible opportunity. But then as I watch how quickly they can “disappear” into screen time, I worry that I should be limiting their access and making sure they develop in other ways too, which I do.

One of our guiding principles when we developed Yukodit, was a balanced approach to technology instruction. Specially, we committed to providing highly individualized technical training, using best-in-class self-paced curriculum on coding and academics, balanced with highly collaborative design-thinking activities promoting entrepreneurship.

The goal of our program is NOT to make every kid a computer programmer! Rather, we want kids to understand computational thinking so if they want to delve deeper into coding, they have the proper foundation. If they don’t, they leave knowing enough to interact with programmers and understand the technical side of product development and a better understanding of how the digital world around them works.

Regardless of how far they go with programming, our design-thinking activities are designed to promote a fearless approach to rapid prototyping, a desire to collect feedback, and iterative problem solving skills. Whether building a world in Minecraft, or saving the world with an incredible technological innovation, Yukodit is about teaching kids using a balanced approach to technology.

-Jamie, Co-founder

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